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Welcome to EHL Landscaping Central Coast

 EHL Landscaping is dedicated to delivering bespoke gardens and architectural outdoor living spaces. We use creative solutions and expert workmanship to deliver premium results every time. We have been serving residential and commercial clients of Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast since 2019. We specialise in everything from backyard renovations to large scale structural landscaping.

Our talented team are experienced in a wide range of popular hard and soft landscaping techniques including, stone masonry, horticulture, outdoor structures, decking, excavations, concrete, timber works and complete design plans. All of our landscaping projects on the Central Coast and surrounding areas use modern techniques and powerful machinery to achieve the perfect finish. Enjoy the garden you deserve with a team you can trust.


EHL Landscaping was founded by accomplished landscaper Eden Hill. He began his career as a landscaper at the age of 14. In the years that followed, he gained his license, completed his apprenticeship and developed his skills while working at a high end architectural landscaping company. As a 2rd year apprentice he competed in the world skills competition receiving gold in the NSW competition and a bronze in the national competition. 

In 2019, Eden launched his own structural landscaping company and has been delivering premium renovations to locals ever since. His beautiful gardens, deep understanding of architectural outdoor living and luxurious finishes has made EHL Landscaping a fast growing name on the Central Coast.


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Once you’ve reached out to us, we take time to ensure we connect with you on a personal level to better understand your vision. Our friendly team of landscapers on the Central Coast are ready to discuss everything from your practical ideas, to timeframe and budget goals. With years of industry experience, we’ll be able to give you immediate feedback on what to expect.


When you’re ready to move forward with your landscaping project, our managing director will meet with you for a detailed discussion including the scope of the project, the best materials to achieve your design and the most suitable options for completing the build itself. We pride ourselves on leaving no stone left unturned during the consultation process.



Our landscape designers on the Central Coast are equipped to draw up detailed construction plans.. We work closely with clients throughout this stage to ensure we stay aligned with your vision. The design process involves three stages including concepts (for client approval), DA or CDC Application (external consultants) and CC construction documentation (ready to build).


Detailed Estimate

Get pricing that matches your budget. During the first few steps we take into consideration both your budget and your outcome goals. With this information we can provide you with a detailed estimate for your Central Coast landscaping. Our quotes include countless factors including, the size of your project, the materials used and the complexity of the final design plan.



Now that the designs have been drawn up and the estimate submitted, we can begin the construction work itself. Our team have years of experience in structural landscape constructions. We ensure that all necessary due dilligence is done before starting excavation and laying foundations. We keep our clients in the loop every step of the way to ensure your dream becomes a reality. 



Once construction is complete, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your new outdoor space. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will gladly assist you with any changes you require.. Our team will be able to answer any questions you may have including how to maintain your new garden so it’s fresh and ready to use all year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer consultation services before starting a landscaping project?
Absolutely! We believe that understanding our client’s vision is crucial. Before we begin any project, we offer detailed consultations where we discuss your design ideas, evaluate the site, and provide guidance on the best materials and plants suitable for the Central Coast environment.
How long does a typical landscaping project take to complete?
The duration of a project varies based on its complexity and size. A simple garden redesign might take a few days, whereas a complete landscape transformation with structural elements can span several weeks. During our initial consultation, we’ll provide a more accurate timeline tailored to your specific project.
What measures do you take to ensure the sustainability of my garden in the Central Coast climate?
Sustainability is at the heart of our work. We prioritize the use of native plants that naturally thrive in the Central Coast climate, reducing the need for excessive water and maintenance. Moreover, we practice xeriscaping and recommend efficient irrigation systems to ensure water conservation.
Do I need to secure any permits for landscaping work?
Depending on the scope of the project, certain permits might be required, especially if it involves significant structural changes or is near protected areas. We are well-versed in local regulations and can guide you through the necessary permit applications and procedures.
How do you handle unexpected challenges or changes during a project?
With years of experience in the Central Coast region, we are adept at anticipating and managing challenges. However, landscaping can sometimes bring unforeseen issues. In such cases, we prioritize clear communication with our clients, discuss available options, and collaboratively decide on the best way forward to ensure the project’s success.

Tips for Central Coast Gardens


Living in the Central Coast provides a unique environment for gardens. Here are some tailored tips to keep your landscape thriving:

Mulching: Due to the region’s warm climate, mulching is essential. It helps retain soil moisture, suppresses weeds, and improves soil health. Consider using local bark or compost as mulch.

Pruning: Regular pruning, especially for native plants, encourages bushier growth and more blooms. Remember to prune at the right time of year for each plant species.

Watering: The Central Coast can have dry spells. Ensure you’re watering deeply and less frequently to encourage roots to grow deeper, making plants more resilient during drier periods.

Pest Management: Keep an eye out for local pests. Using natural predators or organic sprays can help manage these pests without harming the environment.

Fertilizing: Given the sandy soils in some parts of the Central Coast, regular fertilization might be necessary. Opt for organic fertilizers or compost to enrich the soil.

The landscaping scene in the Central Coast has experienced a delightful evolution over the years. A deep appreciation for sustainable practices, low-maintenance gardens, and local biodiversity has become increasingly prominent. Some of the top trends this year include:

Given the fluctuating weather conditions, many Central Coast residents are opting for xeriscaping – a landscaping method developed to reduce the need for irrigation.

Edible Gardens
More homeowners are integrating vegetable patches and herb gardens into their landscapes. These edible gardens not only provide fresh produce but also beautify spaces.

Native Plants
There’s a growing love for plants like the Gymea Lily and Coastal Banksia. These native plants are not only resilient but also support local wildlife.

Outdoor Living Spaces
With the Central Coast’s idyllic climate, the emphasis on creating functional outdoor spaces like patios, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens has grown.

Local Plants and Materials
When it comes to landscaping in the Central Coast, local plants and materials stand out for their resilience and ability to complement the regional aesthetic. Some popular choices include:


  • Gymea Lily (Doryanthes excelsa): An iconic Central Coast plant, it’s known for its towering flower spikes and robust nature.
  • Coastal Banksia (Banksia integrifolia): This tree is not just an eye-catcher but also plays a crucial role in supporting local bird species.


  • Central Coast Sandstone: Known for its durability and warm hues, it’s a preferred choice for patios and retaining walls.
  • Recycled Timber: With a push towards sustainability, recycled timber from local sources is gaining popularity for decking and structures.
Best Plants & Trees for The Central Coast

Summer-Proof Plants for Central Coast Landscapes

1. Agave ovatifolia (Whale’s Tongue Agave)
A durable and compact succulent with blue/gray foliage, perfect for adding sculptural interest to your summer landscape. Thrives in sun and tolerates drought.

2. Ceanothus (California Lilac)
Ceanothus griseus horizontalis ‘Yankee Point’ is a groundcover variety excellent for erosion control and attracting pollinators with its small blue flower clusters.

3. Chondropetalum tectorum
A South African native reed grass, almost maintenance-free, that withstands extreme heat and cold, adding a sleek texture to your landscape.

4. Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker Plant)
Features striking ombre-colored blooms and blade-shaped leaves, maintaining beauty even in intense summer heat. Ideal for foreground plantings and containers.

5. Muhlenbergia rigens (California Native Deer Grass)
A large, drought-tolerant grass that brings an endearing tousled look to any setting. Its substantial size makes it a standout feature.

6. Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem Sage)
Offers bright yellow non-toxic flowers and true green foliage. Sun-loving and perfect for inland summer areas.

7. Salvia x ‘Allen Chickering’
A member of the Sage family, it thrives in arid climates and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies while deterring deer.

8. Thymus serpyllum ‘Pink Chintz’ (Creeping Thyme)
A charming groundcover with bright pink flowers in spring and summer, ideal for patios, walkways, and borders.

Best Trees for Central Coast Landscapes

1. Big Leaf Maple
A medium-sized shade tree that adds a majestic touch to any landscape.

2. California Sycamore
Ideal for providing ample shade and aesthetic appeal with its distinct bark and foliage.

3. Bishop Pine
A native species that offers both shade and ornamental value.

4. California Bay Laurel
Majestic in size, this tree is a stunning addition to any landscape, exceeding 80 feet in height.

5. White Alders
A versatile ornamental tree that stays under 30 feet and tolerates full shade.

6. Western Redbud
Adorned with small pink flowers in spring, perfect for adding color to your garden.

7. Madrone
Known for its pink cup-shaped flowers and red berries that attract wildlife.

8. Island Ceanothus
An unusual ornamental selection with spikes of fragrant blue flowers each spring.

This content ensures an even distribution of plant and tree suggestions, making it more structured and reader-friendly.

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